The Fallen Within: Japanese release of the album "Intoxicated"

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The Fallen Within

The Fallen Within are going to start to work on new material for the next album. The new material will be ready after the European and Russian tour that the band is going to manage for next autumn.

Here the band's comment about the "Intoxicated" forthcoming Japanese release:

"We feel proud to announce you that Coroner Records licenced The Fallen Within  debut album "Intoxicated" to Howling Bull Records for the Japanese release. The official release date was set by the label on the 14th of April 2010!!!
The Japanese version of the album "Intoxicated" will contain an acoustic version of the song "Endless Reality" as bonus track.
A big hello to all of our friends in Japan and we hope you'll enjoy "Intoxicated"!
Be safe and peace to all!
The Fallen Within"


The Fallen Within - Intoxicated

Track list:
1. My Vanity
2. Sound Of Destruction
3. Pain Right Under
4. I Am Hate
5. Extinction
6. Endless Reality
7. Intoxicated
8. Last Breath
9. The Great Fall
10. Timeworn
11. Endless Reality (Acoustic) (Japanese Bonus Track)


The video of "Sound Of Destruction" taken from the album "Intoxicated" can be seen below.

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You can watch the video trailer of the new album here.

You can listen to a full preview of the new album here.

For further information and band's pics click here.

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