Breach The Void: sneack preview of the forthcoming album "The Monochromatic Era"

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Breach The Void

A video trailer for "The Monochromatic Era", the highly anticipated debut album from Swiss modern metallers Breach The Void, can be seen below.

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"The Monochromatic Era" will be released by Coroner Records on 11th October 2010.

Breach The Void born from the genial mind of the drummer Alex Anxionna (former Sybreed), who presents the forthcoming album as a glacial modern metal platter featuring a strong impact and dreaming melodies. "The Monochromatic Era" was mastered at Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, Mnemic, The Haunted).

Breach The Void - The Monochromatic Era

1. Propagate 
2. Subversive Mind 
3. Retribution Engine 
4. Customized Genotype 
5. Falling 
6. Digital Structure 
7. EC-10 
8. Ruins 
9. Spirals 
10. System Failure

Breach The Void
went to Sweden to shoot their first official video for the song "Propagate" from their forthcoming album entitled "The Monochromatic Era". The video was directed by Jakob Arevarn (Adept, Carnal Forge, Dead by April).

Breach The Void

Breach The Void


Breach The Void shooted their first live video as advance for the imminent release of their album entitled "The Monochromatic Era". The live video of the song "Subversive Mind" has been shooted during one of the Breach The Void live performances in Switzerland.

The video of "Subversive Mind" (Live) can be seen below.


A preview of the album can be listened at the official Breach The Void MySpace or at Coroner Records MySpace.

For more information about the band click here.

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