No More Fear signs a deal with Murdered Music/Coroner Records, new album announcement and details

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No More Fear

Italian death metallers No More Fear sign with Murdered Music for the release of their third album entitled "Made(e) In Italy" that will be distributed worldwide via Coroner Records from December 3, 2012.

Here is the first comment of the band about "Mad(e) In Italy":
"With Mad(e) in Italy we wanted to move on a different direction, looking way more carefully to our Country, its sounds and its culture, which is more or less consciously mafia inspired. The world is made up of cliches and every Country is mostly represented through a particular iconography, in our case the infamous triptych “pizza, Mafia and mandolin”. We started from this to breathe life to our new record, which blends the violence of death metal with the beauty of the mandolin... The result is singular at least! New italian death metal family coming"


No More Fear - Mad(e) In Italy

Track List
1. 150 Years
2. Taranthell
3. Ass E Mazz
4. Cemento Armato
5. Intrigues, Scams And Magnificent Horror
6. Don Gaetano
7. Southern Spirit
8. A Choice
9. Immota Manet

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