Compete to be a part of GYZE’s third album in a guitar contest!


Melodic death metal band GYZE, have announced a YouTube based guitar contest. The top three best contestants will get a unique chance to play a twin lead guitar part in a song for their new album! What’s even better is the contest is open to the world, meaning location, age nor sex can’t prevent you from taking part in this amazing opportunity, to show the world your shredding abilities! Check out the announcement video from the guitarist and vocalist of the band, Ryoji, below.

The song you must play to be eligible is Nanohana, the ninth track from their second album BLACK BRIDE. If you think you’ve got what it takes to shred alongside Ryoji, or know someone who does, then download the original guitar tabs for Nanohana. Once you’ve mastered the song, follow the rules below to submit your entry video before the deadline. Good luck!

- Subscribe to GYZE YouTube channel https://youtube.com/user/GYZEChannel
- Upload video of you playing Nanohana by GYZE on guitar on your YouTube channel
- In the description tag Gyze and add links to
official GYZE facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/gyzejp) and website (http://gyze.jp)
- Send the URL link to your video in a message to GYZE Official Facebook page

You can download original TABs for Nanohana at this address:

There are no special requirements to genre, video or audio recordings.

Top 3 best contestants will get a unique chance to play a twin lead guitar part in a song for the upcoming new album! Moreover we'll give the winners credits in the CD booklet.

Contest dates:
June 4th - August 8th

Links sent before 12:00am (JPN) on June 4th, and after 11:59pm (JPN) on August 8th will not be considered.

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