Disarmonia Mundi: "Perdition Haze" halloween contest

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Do you want to receive a free mp3 version of the new Disarmonia Mundi's single "Perdition Haze" from the forthcoming album "The Isolation Game"?
Send now an email to perditioncontest@gmail.com with your MySpace URL, copy the image you can see below and set it as default picture of your MySpace page until October the 31st.

Between now and October the 31st we'll check all the subscriptions and the 1st of November we'll send you a private link to your email and you'll be able to download the song for free (you will have only 2 days to download the song, then the link will be removed).

"Perdition Haze" will be on sale in the Coroner Records Digital Shop from November the 1st. This means the only chance to get it for free is to join in the contest! All you guys that will take part to the contest automatically win the new single in mp3 format!

Please remember that if you'll change your default pic before October 31st you will be kicked out of the contest.

As soon as you send the email with your MySpace URL we'll insert your email address in the Coroner Records Newsletter database.

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Disarmonia Mundi - Perdition Haze - Contest

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