Disarmonia Mundi: cover art, track list, release date and digital single of the new album "The Isolation Game" available

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Italian melodic-death metallers Disarmonia Mundi unveil the cover art of their forthcoming new record entitled "The Isolation Game", the artwork has been realized by the incredible French artist Trëz (www.orbscurarium.com) and can be seen below.
"The Isolation Game" has been recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at The Metal House Studio by Ettore Rigotti and contains 13 brand new tracks of wallshaking extreme metal.
The album will be released via Coroner Records worldwide on December 9th and will feature guest appearances by Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK) on vocals and Olof Morck (NIGHTRAGE) on solos on a bunch of tracks.


Disarmonia Mundi - The Isolation Game

Track list
1. Cypher Drone
2. Structural Wound
3. Perdition Haze
4. Building An Empire Of Dust
5. Stepchild Of Laceration
6. The Isolation Game
7. Blacklight Rush
8. Glimmer
9. Ties That Bind
10. Losing Ground
11. Same Old Nails For A New Messiah
12. Digging The Grave Of Silence
13. Beneath A Colder Sun


The new single "Perdition Haze" from the new album "The Isolation Game" is already available in full streaming and digital download at the Disamonia Mundi MySpace, at Coroner Records MySpace and at Coroner Records offcial website.

For more information about the band click here.

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