Disarmonia Mundi: video trailer of the forthcoming album "The Isolation Game" available and exclusive comment by Björn "Speed" Strid

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Few days from the release of their fourth album entitled "The Isolation Game" Disarmonia Mundi publish a comment issued by Soilwork's frontman Björn "Speed" Strid after he listened to the final version of the album in which he appears again as guest vocalist:

"Being a part of the recording of Disarmonia Mundi's latest album was a blast!
Listening to the finished album today was mindblowing, so creative, so melodic and intense, buy or die people!

A video trailer of the forthcoming album "The Isolation Game" (out on Coroner Records December 9th) can be seen below.

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The band also published the following statement as an introduction to the themes dealt in the lyrics throughout the whole new record.

The Isolation Game: A Statement

To preserve yourself in nowadays society you must play an isolation game.
To develop your true nature and discover who you really are
you must get rid of the outside world and concentrate on yourself exclusively.

Your point of view, your perspective, your will.

Is your role in this world truly chosen by yourself?
How much of you represents what you really are and feel?
How much of you is just the product of what others want you to be?

The only way to discover your inner potential and to become what you really want to be
is through awareness and insight.

You don't need idols to imitate or trends to follow:
you deserve to be more than a mannequin, you deserve to be a human being.

Do you really need someone to tell you how to look like, how to behave, how to feel?
Do you really need someone to tell you what is right and what is wrong?
Do you really think they know better than you how to run your life?

When it comes to your life the only opinion that truly matters is yours.

You're the only one that has the right to decide what is best for yourself,
you don't need to be like all the rest only because someone else has decided that for you.

They want us to be like sheep: easy to control, easy to exploit, easy to sacrifice.
We don't deserve this.

Stop obeying rules others decided for you, don't take things for granted
and start to question the unquestionable... There you'll find the truth.

Don't let the media control your emotions and manipulate your point of view:
they don't care about truth and basically feed us with lies 24/7.

Don't let preachers castrate your instincts with their empty words:
they don't know the will of god any better than you do.

Don't let governments sacrifice your children's lives on the frontline for their greedy wargames:
they never truly cared about people and never will; they only care about power and money, as usual.

Don't sacrifice your identity to be something you're not.

There is no such thing as "people", only "individuals": all different, all unique and all free by birthright.
The most important thing in this world is your freedom, defend it at any cost.

Always demand to know the truth and to live by your own free will.

The only true great enemy of mankind is ignorance and the subsequent fear that it breeds.

Get rid of what they want you to be, discover who you really are.

Welcome to The Isolation Game.

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