The Fallen Within: "Sound Of Destruction" voted as the Best Greek Metal Video for 2009. Gus G. will award the band.

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The Fallen Within

We feel very proud to announce that The Fallen Within is the final winner of E-rock.gr magazine's contest!

The video of the song "Sound Of Destruction", taken from the album "Intoxicated" and directed by Bob Katsionis, has been voted as the greatest Greek Rock & Metal video clip for 2009 among 11 amazing videos with 16.317 votes!!!

The band will be awarded on Saturday the 27th of February 2010 by the best Greek metal guitarist and one of the most famous guitarists worldwide: Gus G. (Ozzy Ozbourne, Firewind) at Jasmin Club in Athens! Be there!!!

The Fallen Within wants to thank any one of you for voting "Sound Of Destruction" video and for your great support that brought The Falling Within to the top in this contest!


"Intoxicated" was released on December 14th via Coroner Records.

The video of "Sound Of Destruction" taken from the album "Intoxicated" can be seen below.

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The Fallen Within - Intoxicated

Track list:
1. My Vanity
2. Sound Of Destruction
3. Pain Right Under
4. I Am Hate
5. Extinction
6. Endless Reality
7. Intoxicated
8. Last Breath
9. The Great Fall
10. Timeworn

You can watch the video trailer of the new album here.

You can listen to a full preview of the new album here.

For further information and band's pics click here.

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