Six Magics: Open letter for fans after the earthquake in Chile, new guitar player announced, Japanese release of the album "Behind The Sorrow" and confirmation for "True As Steel Festival 2010"

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Six Magics - Elizabeth

The singer Elizabeth wrote a statement for all the fans that are worried for the situation and for the band's health after the earthquake in Chile.
Click here to read it on Six Magics MySpace page.

Six Magics

Six Magics announces Pablo Ignacio Sepúlveda as the new guitar player replacing Gabriel Hidalgo.

Here's the band's comment about the new line up:
"We are excited to announce that Pablo Ignacio Sepúlveda has officially joined Six Magics as new guitar player. Pablo has replaced Gabriel Hidalgo when he decided to quit the band to live and study in USA. Pablo was with us in our promotional tour in Germany last month and it wasn't hard to realize he is not just a great guitarist but a lovely person, too. Please give him a warm welcome!"

Coroner Records
licensed the album "Behind The Sorrow" to the Japanese label Howling Bull. The album will be released in Japan on the 28th of April 2010 and it will contain a live version of the song "Behind The Sorrow" as bonus track.

Six Magics - Behind The Sorrow

1. Run
2. Animal
3. Behind The Sorrow
4. Lies And Rules
5. Hands Of Time
6. All My Dreams
7. They
8. No Time To Grieve
9. It's Not The Way
10. I Remember
11. Behind The Sorrow (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Six Magics announces that the band will be in Europe to play at the "True As Steel Festival 2010" that will take place at Dynamo, Zürich (Switzerland) on October 15th-16th 2010.
Click here for more details about the Festival.

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