Rise To Fall: Japanese release of the album "Restore The Balance" and festival confirmation with Rammstein and Slayer

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Rise To Fall

Coroner Records licensed the album "Restore The Balance" to the Japanese label Howling Bull. The album was released in Japan on the 13th of March 2010 and it contains a remix version of the song "Rise From Drama" and a Live Medley as bonus tracks.

Rise To Fall - Restore The Balance

Track list:
1. Redrum
2. Unknown Presence
3. Inner Scream
4. Rise From Drama
5. Prophet Of Doom
6. Infected Wounds
7. Forbidden Lullaby
8. When The Instinct...
9. ...Kills The Reason
10. My Sombre Prospect
11. Chasing Infinity
12. Rise From Drama (Remix) (Japanese Bonus Track)
13. RTF Live Medley (Japanese Bonus Track)

Rise To Fall
were confirmed with Slayer, Rammstein and Bullet For My Valentine at BBK Live, one of the biggest spanish festivals scheduled on 8/9/10 July in Bilbao.
Rise to Fall will play on Thursday July 8th before Volbeat and Bullet For My Valentine.
Here you can find more information about the BBK Live.

The video of "Redrum" taken from the album "Restore The Balance" can be seen below.

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A video trailer of the forthcoming album "Restore The Balance" can be seen below.

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A preview of the new tracks can be listened at the official Rise To Fall MySpace or at Coroner Records MySpace.

For more information about the band click here.

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