To Persevere Is Diabolical  To Persevere Is Diabolical

Either Caesars Or Nothing  Either Caesars Or Nothing


Marco Krasinski (Vocals and Bass)
Matteo Deathbreed (Drums)
Manuel "Headcutter" Minerva (Lead Guitar)
Fabrizio "Dr. Hate" Damiani (Guitar)



On June 6th, 2006 FOMENTO debuted live in Rome (06/06/06!) and after three years their long-awaited first full-length "Either Caesars  Or Nothing" is finally being released worldwide on Coroner Records. Every song, from the crushing opener "The Die is Cast" to the furious "Burial At Sea", takes you by surprise and just slams you in the fucking balls with all out heaviness. It happens without mercy, with FOMENTO taking the form of a nuclear breakdown with no moment allowing for any respite from the metal carnage. "We challenged ourselves to write the most killer songs we could. The album is a journey through time, a metaphor of how after thousands of years man still makes the same sad mistakes." says Marco, frontman of FOMENTO.
If you look for the word FOMENTO in the dictionary you'll find out it means: instigation, deliberate and intentional triggering of trouble, discord and violence. And that's all there is to say.
The band was founded in late 2005 and since then it's been shaping its own sound and unique style with punishing riffs and unbelievably brutal drum assaults. FOMENTO has also recently redefined their heavy-hitting line up with Fabrizio "Dr. Hate" Damiani on rhythm guitars, joining brothers Marco Krasinski (bass/vocals), Matteo Deathbreed (drums) and long time friend Manuel "Headcutter" Minerva (lead guitar).
FOMENTO was never meant to be only a band, it's always been about being a family, sharing an incredible passion for no-frills hardcore and straight-to-your-face metal.
"We are a brotherhood dedicated to heaviness, committed to violence, breathing hardcore and bleeding metal." says Manuel, "It may sound like a cliché, but you should listen to our new record before misjudging my words."
The concept album was anticipated by the release of the single "Kill FashionCore". As soon as it was posted online the song hit the charts like an hurricane establishing FOMENTO as one of the most popular Italian unsigned band on MySpace. "When I first heard Kill FashionCore, I instantly knew it was going to become one of my favourite songs ever. Playing with these guys it's a fucking honor." recalls Fabrizio.
The band has also gained the attention of Chris Beattie of Hatebreed, legendary producer Colin Richardson (Fear Factory, Machine Head and Sepultura) and members of Full Blown Chaos and Walls of Jericho whose enthusiastic reviews are leading the way to make FOMENTO become the ultimate anti-emo war machine.
The artwork of "Either Caesars Or Nothing" was designed by acclaimed artist Davide Nadalin of Nerve Design (Nile, Legion of the Damned, Stigma) and the band has already shared the stage with bands like: Hatesphere, All Shall Perish, Bonded by Blood and many others.
From Rome, their hometown, FOMENTO is ready to destroy your eardrums for good. With almost a dozen blistering songs under their belt the band is now more dedicated and focused than ever. Get ready to experience brutality in its purest form. Welcome to the brotherhood.


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