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Alessio Neroargento (Vocals, All Instruments)



NeroArgento is a project created by multi-instrumentalist Alessio NeroArgento (songwriter, producer, programmer and remixer). NeroArgento's music is a concrete mix of grunge rock, metal and electronic music enriched with orchestral nuances, acid, industrial and fx sounds.

The first release, an half-Italian half-English sung demo compilation called "Self-control Juice Manifesto", began to catch some attentions since the release of the first single "Trust".
The first distribution partnership came on November 2010 with the famous electronic/D&B/rock label FiXT, owned by Klayton of Celldweller.

NeroArgento's music slowly begins to attract attention by appearing on video trailers and movies of the game "World of Warcraft" on the network and on the famed Machinima network, then followed few other appearance on independent gameplay Internet vids and two official freestyle snowboard DVDs.

The first videoclip of the song "Trust" got an unexpected success on Internet in few months, thousands of views from all around the world, followed by a second video of the song "Helpless" that helped NeroArgento's music to get spread through many supporters from everywhere, which with their voices, have become soon an important part of its growth.
Ettore Rigotti (mainman of the metal band Disarmonia Mundi and well known producer) appears on both videos as guest vocals on choruses.

NeroArgento re-arranged the song "Nausicaa Requiem" for the project called "Imaginary Flying Machines" that includes bands such as Disarmonia Mundi, Blood Stain Child, Destrage and Living Corpse that reinterpret 12 very famous songs taken from the films produced by Studio Ghibli in an extreme metal way.

"Three Hours Of Sun", NeroArgento's first official album, is scheduled to be released worldwide on June 2011 via Coroner Records and will include re-arranged versions of "Self-control Juice Manifesto" songs plus some new songs for a total of 11 tracks.
The album has been written, recorded, produced and arranged by Alessio in his own studio Aexeron and has been mastered by Ettore Rigotti at The Metal House.

On summer 2011, the release of the album "Trust Remix Compilation" that will contain the best submitted remixes on during the homonymous remix contest hosted by the record label FiXT on april 2011, is scheduled to be released.


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