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Blood Stain Child



Epsilon Epsilon

Mozaiq Mozaiq

Idolator Idolator

Mystic Your Heart Mystic Your Heart

Silence Of Northern Hell Silence Of Northern Hell



Sophia (Vocals)
RYU (Guitar)
G.S.R. (Guitar)
RYO (Bass & Vocals)
GAMI (Drums)
AKI (Synth)



In June 1999 the band VISION QUEST was created in the city of Osaka, Japan. One year after, they changed their name to "BLOOD STAIN CHILD". They also recorded their first demos, titled "Silence Of Northern Hell", "Requiem" and "Legend Of Dark" in August 2000.

In autumn 2001 they composed and recorded an entrance theme song called "The World", for Sasaki Kensuke, Shin Nihon's professional wrestler. Also in December 2001, they recorded the theme song for Shin Nihon Professional Wrestling 30th anniversary commemoration match. The song was called "Steel Flame".

During April-May 2002 the song "Silence of Northern Hell" was used as the ending theme for Kadokawa Sound Cinema's radio production "Trinity Blood - Rage Against the Moons". Soon after, in July 2002, BLOOD STAIN CHILD' debut album "Silence of Northern Hell", was released.

In autumn 2002 "Silence of Northern Hell" was released in Korea by the local record label "ONE MUSIC". Also in October of the same year, BLOOD STAIN CHILD performed as the opening act for Swedish band, DREAM EVIL's Japanese tour.

On the 18th of June 2003, the band's second album, with the title "Mystic Your Heart", was released. It was mixed and mastered by the famous, Finnish music engineer Anssi Kippo.

In June 2004 BLOOD STAIN CHILD shared the stage with SKYLARK (Italy) and SERAPHIM (Taiwan).

In March 2005, guitarist Daiki left the band, to soon be replaced by Shiromasa in April.

"Idolator", BLOOD STAIN CHILD's 3rd album, was released on the 18th of August 2005 and it was mixed and mastered by Denmark's acclaimed music engineer Tue Madsen.

The band signed a deal with German record label Dockyard Records and "Idolator" was released in Europe on the 27th of November 2006. By the end of 2006 Shiromasa decided to leave the band. At the same time the band gained a new vocalist (SADEW), as well as a new guitarist (G.S.R.)
In June 2007 RYU signed an endorsement deal with Caparison guitars. One month later, on the 17th of July 2007, "Idolator" was also released in the U.S.A. by the record label Locomotive.

The band's 4th album "Mozaiq" was released on the 18th of July 2007. Tue Madsen was once again responsible for the mixing and mastering. July proved to be a busy month for BLOOD STAIN CHILD, as they signed a collaboration with the highly acclaimed, famous anime production company GONZO, to shoot the video for the song "Freedom". The song was included in "Mozaiq", while the video gained more than a million views on YouTube.

"Mozaiq" was released in Europe on the 20th of July and in Korea on the 3rd of August 2007, by Korean label Dope Entertainment. The band also did a Japan tour to promote "Mozaiq" during August 12-26. On October 9th the album was released in the U.S.A by Locomotive.

BLOOD STAIN CHILD headlined a West Japan Tour during March-April 2008, performing in Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Shimame, Okayama, Hiroshima and others, while in May of the same year the band debuted overseas, as main act of a concert in Taiwan. In December they performed for the first time in the festival "Tokyo 2DAYS", in Kichijoji CRESCENDO.

The band completed another West Japan tour in April 2009 and was invited to Sweden in May by JAPAN EXPO. The event was eventually cancelled. In December 19 and 20 BLOOD STAIN CHILD appeared in Kichijoji CRESCENDO "Tokyo 2DAYS" for the second time.

June 2010 was a crucial period for BLOOD STAIN CHILD. Vocalist SADEW, as well as drummer Violator left the band. On the same month RYU signed an endorsement deal with AMT Electronics.

Three months later, in September the band uncovered its new members. Greek, female vocalist Sophia and drummer GAMI [ex - YOUTHQAKE] joined BLOOD STAIN CHILD, leading the band towards a brand new era.

The band signed another exciting collaboration in September 2010. The famous Gothic & Lolita brand "Chantilly/ATELIER-PIERROT" created exclusive stage costumes for Sophia and RYU and also recordings for the band's 5th studio album officially started. GAMI signed an endorsement with Italian Cymbal brand "UFIP".

In October 2010 BLOOD STAIN CHILD inked a record deal with Coroner Records and in December 19 and 20 they appeared at Kichijoji CRESCENDO "Tokyo 2DAYS" for the third time as headliners. BLOOD STAIN CHILD recently confirmed their first appearance in the U.S.A at A-KON22 (Texas Dallas) in June 10-12 2011, where they will be sharing the stage with the famous band D.


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