Days Of Anger

Days Of Anger



Rise Above It All  Rise Above It All

Death Path  Death Path



Alex Jonsson (Vocals, Bass)
Alf Johansson (Guitar)
Kristian Huotari (Drums)



The band came to life through the ashes of different Metal/Thrash projects that the band members been involved in before.

When the lack of inspiration, energy and commitment took all the fun down the drain from earlier projects, the long lasting friends Alf Johansson , Kristian Huotari and Alex Jonsson decided to get together and make some killer songs without any requirements. Just making heavy fucking music because its fun.

And fun it was.. So fun it all turned out in several gigs, video recording for the song "One Way Ticket Down To Hell" and Days Of Anger´s first record deal with the German label "Massacre Records" who released their debut album "Deathpath" at the beginning of March 2011.
The band followed up the album by playing rock clubs and make smaller tours in Scandinavia with huge success in 2011-2012.
They have been described as the hardhitting, psychotic threesome from hell.

In September 2012 they parted away with Massacre Records due to different circumstances, and were unsigned for a short period of time. Determined and more psyched than ever Days Of Anger started to write new material for an upcoming album. The result turned out in the album "Rise Above It All" that will be released through their new Italian label "Coroner Records" in May-June 2013.

The band is currently writing some new material for a third studio-album which will be recorded later on this year, and hopefully hit the stores by this time next year. Days Of Anger will hit the stage and tear down the house like never before in 2013, Don’t miss there killer live performances and make sure to keep yourself updated on the Days Of Anger Facebook page for more news and info.

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