The Patient The Patient



Aimar Antxia (Vocals)
Iker Llona (Guitars)
Koldo Gorozika (Guitars)
Xabier Altzugarai (Bass)
Nikola Goñi (Drums)



NODRAMA is a Basque metal band formed in Bilbao during the year 2005. After being involved in different projects and knowing each others from the basque underground scene, Nikola GoÒi (Drums), Xabier Altzugarai (Bass), Iker Llona (Guitars), Koldo Gorozika (Guitars) and Aimar Antxia (Vocals) decided to explore a new ground under the name of NODRAMA.

NODRAMA started to write songs and to improve older tracks and decided to do some shows to present the band in members' city and around. After a good reaction from a lot of people, NODRAMA recorded 3 songs to spread some copies, the response was very positive. That situation motivated the band to start recording a self-produced demo in its rehearsal room. NODRAMA reached a good sounding work of 10 tracks to offer an attractive demo entitled "I Mind". This demo has been edited in April 2008 and received a great response from both people and press, getting really great reviews in the most important webzines and magazines dedicated to rock music from Spain.

All these experiences gave the chance of having better shows, such as playing big acts with artists like Whitesnake, Cynic and important bands from the Basque and Spanish scene and let NODRAMA improving the way of playing live and finding more and more comfortable together.

After doing a last show promoting "I Mind" in its city, with a great answer and support from a lot of people, the band focused in the writing process for new songs that will compose the first album. A new chance to grow as a band and songwriters, really focused on the idea of improving the songs quality from the "I Mind" demo and involving everything they want to show in their songs: anger, melody, catchy choruses and direct lyrics, but always having the idea of making an easy to listen music. The band finds a sound that¥s still fresh and original but also familiar for anyone who listens, who will find lots of different ways of understanding music in the NODRAMA songs.


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Atlantis Chronicles
Bleed The Man
Blood Stain Child
Breach The Void
Damnation Plan
Days Of Anger
Disarmonia Mundi
Faithful Darkness
Living Corpse
Rise To Fall
Season Of Ghosts
Six Magics
Tardive Dyskinesia
The Fallen Within
The Night Flight Orchestra
The Stranded
Zombie Sam
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